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A trip to Poland:   July 24 to August 6, 1998



More Photos of Aushwitz and Birkenau




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Statue of women and children at the Aushwitz State Museum, Jewish Art



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Photographs of child survivors of the camp taken by Soviets at liberation of the camps, 1945



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The chilling display of prison uniforms marching behind a barbed wire fence with photos of prisoners in the backgrounds.  Before tatooing took place for prisoner identification, three view photos were taken of each prisoner upon arrival to the camp.  There are many walls covered with these photos from floor to ceiling.



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A photo of the inside of the "showers".   The Nazi soldiers would tell the prisoners that they were going to shower so that the prisoners would unwittingly undress (I'm quite sure many were aware of their fate) and enter.  In fact there was never plumbing/water hook up to the shower heads but there were chutes/holes in the ceiling where the soldiers would drop the deadly Cyclon B (Zyclon B).  It required only several kilos of Cyclon B to kill 1500 hundred people in a matter of less than a half hour.






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Two views of the guard tower for the entrance at Birkenau.  The top photo was taken  several hundred feet from the actual entrance.  The railroad tracks lead straight to the site of the crematorium sites "red" and "white".  Presently there is only remnants of an imploded building and the memorial for all those who had suffered  at this horrible place.  The bottom photo is taken 3/4 of the way back, the guard tower can barely be seen at the horizon. 



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View of one of the imploded crematoriums at the far end of the railroad tracks (seen above).  This picture was taken at the site of the memorial.



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Photo of the memorial.  Inscribed here is that it is a memorial for the 4+ million of people whose lives had ended here.




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